Relationships Matter for All the Reasons that They Matter to You

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Do you feel like you are the only person who is single and will never find love?
Or maybe you are with a narcissist who sucks all the love out of you?
Is it hard to talk about intimacy and your desires?
Are you trying to work on becoming comfortable in your own skin?
Is communication a constant battle in your relationships?
Do you feel you need a constant translator to understand your partner’s words and actions?
Are you struggling to work through an obstacle in your relationship and trying figure out if you should end your relationship?

Did you know that research has found that we can predict with 93% accuracy if a relationship will end in divorce?

We are born to seek acceptance and love from others from the very day we enter this world. Life is filled with the opportunity to find our purpose and feel connected with those who understand us. Life is a beautiful journey when shared with people who we care about. We invest so much time and energy in our relationships with others, creating memories and experiences.

Our relationships can be a source of growth, love, discovery, and stress. They are often a reflection of who we are or what we desire. For some of us, we may unknowingly seek partners to help fill voids or heal traumas from our lives. And trusting ourselves again is something that may seem impossible for those of us who have been hurt or betrayed. One of the most important relationships that we can have is the one with ourselves. After all, no matter where we go in life, we will always be with ourselves. When we unconditionally love and respect ourselves, we are able to love others with more confidence. Often times, we must invest time and courage to look within ourselves in order to change our situation.

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