You Are Worthy of the Time & Opportunity to Invest in Yourself.

The most important relationship in life is the one we have with our self. When we are kind and respectful to ourselves, we treat ourselves with integrity and dignity. And others will also benefit. When we hate or continuously punish ourselves, we suffer and destroy ever part of life. And others will also suffer. Our time on this Earth is priceless. This is why I see the time that you and I work together as being sacred. That time is given only to you, for you. Our time is dedicated to work through what matters most to you. I see our time together as an investment in YOU. We to have to choose to ask ourselves NOT what does this cost, but rather, what is it costing me if I do not care take care of me. It's time for you to receive the care and attention that you so freely give others.

It's time for you to receive the care and attention

Counseling Service Rates

Health Care Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts

I welcome any HSA/FSA account, card or form! Please be aware that if your choose to pay with your HSA/FSA card, it may initially show as an “approved” transaction, but the full payment may not be sent to me based on your account status. This is a common thing that happens with HSA/FSA accounts. If this occurs, you will be responsible for the unpaid amount.


I accept insurance as an “Out of Network Provider” since I do not directly bill or contract with insurance companies. You will need to contact your insurance to see if they will pay for you to have counseling services by an “Out of Network Provider.”  I will provide you with a statement called a “Super Bill.” You would then give this form to your insurance company and request payment. You will be responsible for any fees that are not covered by your insurance company.

Cancellation Policy

You are worthy of this time and opportunity. Your appointment is an important way of respecting your need to care for yourself.  Any appointment cancelled within 48 hours of your time will be charged the full rate. I am invested in work together with you 100%.  Thank you for caring for yourself, as when we all become healthier, we are creating stronger and healthier communities. A portion both my time and of my profits are given to charities that help those in need.

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