Have you ever googled “Parenting 101?”
Has your child turned into a teenager overnight and now you both speak different languages?
Are you having trouble transitioning from “holding on tight” to “confident family manager?”
Is your child showing changes in behavior or emotions at home and at school?
Are you and your partner disagreeing about how to handle family problems?
Has your family gone through a divorce recently and are trying to survive being a single parent?


It happens to the best of us and you are definitely not alone!  Parenting is one of the greatest journeys that anyone can take. It is also one of the greatest sources of hair loss for men and being over-caffeinated for women. Parenting is an important part of our identity. Often times we define ourselves based on how our children function or how we handled a situation with our kids. Differences in opinions between partners in how to care for our kids, or when our kids declare knowing what is necessary, can bring so much stress and frustration.

Strong Parents Create Strong Families & We Help Strengthen Your Skills!

Let’s work together on restoring peace at home. We will use proven skills based on science, such as behavioral modification and applied behavioral analysis, to help strengthen your family. I provide workshops on parenting support, support groups, one on one counseling , and family counseling. I have no doubt that with my support and your commitment, that you will become the leader that you want to be for your family.

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